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Your Cleaning Service Specialists

As a homeowner in Lisle, sometimes you might find yourself short on time or energy to give your house a good cleaning. You wouldn’t be alone – cleaning a house takes hours of effort.

Bright Star Cleaning Services removes that concern with professional cleaning service that keeps your Lisle home tidy at a price you can afford.

Cleaning for Homes in Lisle IL: About

Cleaning for Lisle IL Homes

We have been serving Lisle homeowners as a community-based business since 1995. Through the years, we have really come to enjoy the village’s people and neighborhoods.

From the kitchen to the bathroom to your hallways, we can support you with thorough cleaning of any area in your home you request.

Bedrooms and main rooms: We will dust and clean all fixtures and furniture and fully clean and vacuum all floors. If you have any woodwork, we will clean window trim, doors, baseboards and shelving.

Kitchen: We will wipe and clean all appliances, sinks, fixtures, lighting and outside cabinets.

Bathroom: We will wash and scrub showers, tubs and toilets as well as clean sinks, vanities, mirrors and lights.

The details likely matter to you as well. If something is overlooked, such as dusty shelves or a smudge on a mirror, you may question how well you’ve been served. We train our cleaning professionals to carefully review each room to make sure nothing was missed.

We can also provide the cleaning you need for parties and special events.

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Cleaning for Lisle IL Homes: The Bright Star Advantage

With Bright Star Cleaning Services, keeping your home clean, comfortable and presentable becomes much more simple, as well as relaxing.

Beyond being a diligent service provider, we become a partner that ensures you feel known and accommodated. You will have access to the owner when you need it.

You also will not deal with cleaning staff who are just punching in. Many of our maids have been serving Lisle customers with us for more than 10 years.

As a community-based business, we are not saddled by expensive overhead such as corporate advertising and employee turnover. We keep our costs customer-friendly and invest in our services, people and relationships. Once you begin working with us for your house cleaning in Lisle, there’s a good chance you’ll get to know our faces and names.

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Cleaning for Lisle IL Homes: Adding Hours Back into Days

We will typically spend four hours per appointment on cleaning a Glen Ellyn home. Depending on your frequency of cleaning service, you could save up to 16 hours per month in keeping your house tidy the way you prefer. Your home will also have the look and feel of professional cleaning.

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Contact Bright Star Today

Even now, after more than 25 years, our biggest joy is still seeing a customer’s happy expression when they look at how nice their home appears when we’re done cleaning it.  We welcome the opportunity to inspire that expression for you as well. Discover more about our cleaning service for Lisle – call us at (630) 269-3443!

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