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Your Cleaning Service Specialists

Do you live or work in Downers Grove and sometimes feel as if there’s just not enough time in the day? With so much to attend to, other things sometimes have to give.

For many of us, one of those things can be our house cleaning. Of course we like our homes to be clean, but we just don’t always have the time and energy to make it as tidy as we’d like.

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As your Downers Grove cleaning service, we can clean all rooms that you request:

Dining room
Living room
Rec Room

Family room
Laundry Room
Utility room

Cleaning for Downers Grove IL: List

Our residential cleaning includes the following.

Bedroom, dining room, living room, rec room, family room, hallways

Dust and clean all fixtures and furniture

Completely clean and vacuum all floors


Wipe and clean all appliances, sinks, fixtures, lighting and outside cabinets

Clean the inside of oven and refrigerator (if requested; please inquire about pricing)



Wash and scrub showers, tubs and toilets

Clean sinks, vanities, mirrors and lights


Clean window trim, doors, baseboards and shelving

Clean interior windows (if requested; please inquire about pricing)

We understand that when it comes to house cleaning, the details will often make or break your satisfaction. If something is overlooked, such as a dusty shelf or a dirty window sill, chances are you will notice, and you will feel that you have not fully been served. Our maids are trained to carefully look over each room to make sure nothing was missed.

We can also be available for extra cleaning by appointment such as before and after parties and events. Just let us know!

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Cleaning for Downers Grove IL: Time Saved

The time and effort you save with Bright Star Cleaning Services really adds up.

On the average, we will spend four hours per appointment on cleaning a home. Depending on the frequency of cleaning that you schedule, you might save up to 16 hours per month in keeping your house tidy and clean. Your home will also have the look and feel of having been professionally cleaned.

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Contact Bright Star Today

We welcome the opportunity to be your cleaning service in Downers Grove. Even more, we welcome the chance to see the happy expression on your face when we’re finished cleaning your home. Call (630) 269-3443 to speak with a Bright Star specialist!


Bright Star Cleaning Services is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce.

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